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Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services offers all sorts of therapeutic massage in Colorado Springs, CO. Therapeutic massage is meant to heal your injuries and other sources of pain. While all massages are great for relaxation and stress relief, our focus at Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services is about healing. Through sports massage, deep tissue massage, and pregnancy massage, we aim to speed recovery, restore joint and muscle functions, and ease the pain caused by medical conditions, such as fibromyalgia.
A massage session at Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services usually begins with an assessment of your overall wellness and health to discover what the source of your pain or injury is. We then discuss a treatment plan that can range from four to eight treatment sessions just to reestablish neutral muscles and alignment. You may have come to Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services with a specific injury or issue, but massage can do so much more than simply treat one issue at a time.
During your massage, the treatment will be affecting your entire being, both body and mind, to revitalize, restore, and revive you. Among the many massage benefits that you will experience is an enhanced immune system, greater blood circulation, prevention of injuries, reduction in depression, skin regeneration that reduces scar tissue and stretch marks, and release of endorphins and amino acids. All of these things happen while we are treating your specific injury or condition.
We at Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services want you to feel better in both body and mind. Coming in for a therapeutic massage can help you deal with your pain or injuries and can give you an enormous amount of added health benefits. Find out more about our massage pricing and make a massage reservation today.

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