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Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services offers the best medical massage in Colorado Springs, CO. Our therapist is experienced in a number of additional modalities to supplement your treatment and ensure a restorative massage session. Our massage spa is focused on providing rehabilitative and corrective care for all our clients. We know that we can bring you pain relief, faster healing, and total body health through soft tissue massage and other healing techniques.
Many people are familiar with Swedish massage, used for relaxation, or sports massage, used in injury prevention and care for athletes. What many people are unfamiliar with is medical massage. Medical massage is when your therapist uses a specific treatment for a specific problem after an evaluation. We have detailed goals for the outcome of each treatment, and we target your problems with that in mind. Medical massage is used to provide corrective and restorative benefits to your soft tissue.
The soft tissue is treated trough a postural analysis to identify which muscles are injured or tight and which may be causing compensation or other problems in your musculature. Next, the therapist will target those areas to address the problems. Problems may stem from scar tissue, pain points, or tightness or swelling in joints and muscles. Medical massage is sometimes prescribed by a doctor in certain cases, such as auto injuries or sports accidents.
This style of massage is particularly helpful for people who experience chronic or acute pain, pain caused by repetitive motions, or pain caused by accidents or injuries. Meet with a massage specialist to discover what Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services can do for you.

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